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How to Get Appointment for Aadhar Card Online Registration

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Aadhaar has indispensably become mandatory for everyone in India irrespective of age, caste, creed or religion. Almost all kinds of services and beneficial schemes of the central and state governments have been brought under the ambit of Aadhaar increasing resultantly the rush in almost all the Aadhaar enrollment centers. Unable to stand in queue for long at Aadhaar registration center the people inquire on larger scale on the appointment for Aadhar card online registration so that they easily can update their Aadhaar card without wasting the time
unnecessarily due to heavy rush.

 Appointment for Aadhar Card Online Registration

Dwelling on the increasing number of inquiries by the people over how to make Aadhaar updates online the UIDAI has launched online appointment for Aadhaar card updates like changing current mobile number and address or making other important changes. By making appointment on social-streams like Facebook and Twitter linked with the official portal of UIDAI the people can fix a date, time and the place of a nearest center for Aadhar enrollment/updates thus saving their time. Social media steams linked with at UIDAI portal are.

For appointment Official website: click here

To verify mobile number Official website: click here

So the people should go for appointment for Aadhar card online registration/enrollment in order
to save time and enroll them easily and conveniently at the nearest center.

How to Make Appointment for Aadhar Card Online Registration?

Just visit the official website of UIDAI and click over the Aadhaar update option and follow the procedure mentioned thereon. Dwelling on mandatory use of Aadhaar the UIDAI has provided option of appointment for Aadhar card online registration that eases their purpose.

Appointment for Aadhaar registration

UIDAI though has its official Aadhaar registration centers all over India Government of India has engaged even non-governmental organizations (NGOs) for Aadhaar enrollments and updates. Motive of deputing these NGOs is to deal with increasing crown of people at the Aadhaar enrollment/update centers. The appointment for Aadhaar registration/updates at the nearest Aadhaar center though can be made online easily, it doesn’t guarantee of fixing any date for closest Aadhaar enrollment center provided the respective center does not exist on the official website of UIDAI for online Aadhaar registration online. Although appointment for Aadhar card online registration paves the way for fastest enrollment for Aadhaar, it doesnt yet immune you against crowd emerging at th Aadhaar enrollment center.

Online Appointment for Aadhaar is Not Guaranteed

If you are seeking to make online appointment for Aadhaar registration at a center closest to your house, you should be ready to encounter failure in your motive if the respective center doesn’t exist in the list of UIDAI’s authorized Aadhaar enrollment centers at the portal, So the individuals seeking to get them enrolled online for Aadhaar at any of the nearest authorized Aadhaar on a convenient date should look for another Aadhar registration center, ignoring its distance if they can’t tolerate the crowd of people at the Aadhaar center.

The motive of UIDAI is to provide everyone relief from long queues seen every day at almost all the Aadhaar registration centers due to Aadhaar becoming mandatory for almost all kinds of schemes and services in India. Keeping it in view has the online appointment for Aadhaar card registration been introduced in almost all the metropolitan cities and urban areas for the working people to let them fix online a particular date for Aadhaar registration center at nearest UIDAI center. Once you get enrolled online at the Aadhaar center you can view its E version from anywhere else. The Aadhaar can be viewed and exhibited without hard copy on android phone as

Appointment For Aadhar Card Online Registration

As mentioned above the online appointment for Aadhaar card enrollment/registration can be made at the official website of UIDAI by mentioning personal details such as name, address, mobile number, email address, nearest Aadhaar enrollment center and the district. This is the easiest way of avoiding long queue of Aadhaar center for both enrollment and updates reaching the center on scheduled date and time.

Documents for Aadhaar Enrollment/Updates

Following documents you will have to keep yourself equipped –

  •  Authentic ID or POI (Proof of Identity)
  •  Valid Address Proof, i.e. POA (Proof of Address)

You do not need to furnish photo as during Aadhaar enrollment is accomplished biometrically under which the individual’s face is clicked through web camera. So now you can book an appointment for Aadhaar card online registration easily by simply visiting official website of UIDAI. You can also see How to get E- Aadhar card pdf password.

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