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Dwelling on different types of problems regarding Aadhaar we have set up our website to provide plenty of information on Aadhar so that individuals can enroll easily with Aadhar card. Apart from providing basic information of Aadhaar card such as documents required for Aadhaar enrollment, enrollment procedure, enrollment centers, how to update Aadhaar, how to change mobile number registered with Aadhaar, etc we describe even technical terms which a common person can’t follow easily.

We in no manner represent the UIDAI or government of India but serve as information provider for Aadhaar card highlighting many of its important issues which people in India have yet developed no any idea about. Launched in 2009 Aadhaar provides authentic identification to Indian citizens. It has now become mandatory with almost all the services and government schemes asking its customers for linking their accounts and services with 12 digit Aadhaar number of theirs.

The individuals can view their Aadhaar card, make changes and download e Aadhar copy on the official website of Aadhaar i.e. UIDAI. But many issues they yet may find enigmatic which we make lucidly clear by sharing crucial information. In case any issue seems to haunt you we are here to guide you explaining the topic. So go though the Aadhaar related information and visit on UIDAI portal straight for Aadhaar card related issues. Dwelling on immense humiliation to be faced by the individuals at the enrollment centers we do provide exuberant information on Aadhaar in simple words answering many questions to make each of the Aadhaar-related issues easy-to-understand improving in this way the knowledge of applicants.

Gone are the days when the people would have ran from pillar to post only to avail a valid document to be produced as a valid proof of identity and residential address. Ration card, electricity bill, voter ID card, driving license, bank pass book, water/house tax bill, and PAN have so far been considered to be the valid documents. But these documents can still be created easily and so exploited as fake documents for fraudulent. Even their physical verification remains a far-fetched issue requiring a long time. But with Aadhaar card, based on individual’s biometric data, such menace has vanished. The Aadhaar card has emerged as authentic documentary proof requiring no any further verification.

Ever since the Government of India has declared Aadhaar card to be used mandatorily as authentic identity/residential proof the conventional documents are not considered to be the valid proof. Based on images of eyes and fingers the Aadhaar card exhibits details of individual online and hence cannot be used by unauthorized person. Serving as a single window the Aadhaar card has thus become mandatory in almost all the services and schemes in India. It exhibits everything its holder might be in possession of, such as bank account, mobile numbers, driving license, LPG connections, PDS/ration card benefit, etc. Working as an electronic smart card the Aadhaar Card is used for financial transactions as well without requiring a PIN or password to be memorized. BHIM app is the live example of it with which the Aadhaar user can accomplish all kinds of transitions anytime and anywhere else without fear of his PIN being leaked out.

The Aadhaar related articles we post provide accurate information enabling the visitors to go ahead in accomplish Aadhaar related jobs, from enrolling to updating.

It’s not that information posted on official website of UIDAI doesn’t suffice anymore. The UIDAI portal is the only website on which the visitors can update their account making important changes. So you should perceive technical terms by going through a topic you want to know about. We get your dilemma regarding Aadhaar obliterated with the information on Aadhaar such as how to check Aadhar Card Status, how to download Aadhaar card, how to update Aadhaar card, how to change Address or mobile number and lots more.