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Apply aadhar card online [COMPLETE GUIDE]

Video guide to apply aadhar card online

How to apply aadhar card online

apply aadhar card online

If you have noticed the steps taken by the government in the recent times then you would have seen that the government is so focused on bringing every citizen under the ambit of the Aadhar identification system. Even several international agencies have acknowledged the fact that UIDAI system is the most sophisticated identification system in the world. There is only a small portion of the Indian population that is still left out of the coverage of aadhar. For the ease of people, the government has provided options such as apply for aadhar card online. Even the government of India is making it mandatory to quote aadhar on several occasions in professional lives of the people. Now, if you haven’t registered for aadhar till date then make it a point to apply for aadhar card.

Steps to apply for aadhar card online

If you are thinking about apply aadhar then you can even apply for aadhar card online. If you want to apply for aadhar card online then do the following:

  • Click on https://appointments.uidai.gov.in/easearch.aspx
  • In the search criteria, select Pin code
  • Now enter the Pin code of the area where you reside. By doing this you can locate the nearby aadhar enrolment centers.
  • Enter the verification code.
  • Click on Search
  • A list of nearby aadhar enrolment centers will be displayed from which you can select your nearby center and can contact them through the contact numbers mentioned therein and can take an appointment.
  • On the date given by the center, you need to appear along with the id proofs.

When you apply aadhar card online, you need to take an appointment at the nearby center and then you need to physically appear at the centers for the biometrics. The only thing that makes aadhar system so reliable is the biometrics. You see it’s easy to fake identity proofs but it really hard to manipulate fingerprints and retina scans. So, this is why the government wants every citizen to have their aadhar card so that it becomes easy for the government agencies to track down any suspects.

You can even opt for applying for aadhar card by directly visiting the aadhar enrolment center. After visiting the aadhar enrolment center you can either ask for an aadhar card application form or you can get your aadhar card form download beforehand and fill it and then visit the center. Along with your application form you need to enclose the copies of your identity proofs as required. After your identity proofs will be verified you will need to appear for the biometrics and once you are through the biometrics process, you will be given an enrolment slip.

Make sure that you keep this enrolment slip safe with yourself. This enrolment slip will contain an enrolment number which will be used for the purpose of Aadhar Card download. After a span of around two months, aadhar card will be posted to your address. But you don’t need to wait for that long. The option to download eaadhar gets activated just within one month from the date of enrolment. You can download it from the internet as well.

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