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How to apply for Aadhar card for OCI card holders [ With Simple Steps ]

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Aadhar card for OCI is as important as any other card in their respective countries as it is most important card in India. It is useful in various fields and it has been a compulsory rule to link their Aadhar card to bank accounts, gas booking areas , even mobile numbers etc. By this we can understand how important Aadhar card plays in a citizen of our country. So if a OCI visits to our country they need to have a card and this might be very helpful and useful as it is very easy and simple to apply for a Aadhar card and get it in a few days.

Aadhar card for OCI card holders

Procedure for applying Aadhar card for OCI – 

It is same as Aadhar card for Indians which is explained below :

  • First we need to enroll in any Aadhar card center for appointment where we need to fill a form which is online.
  • Then we need to carry all the documents required for applying Aadhar.
  • Then we need to go to the nearest or allotted center to apply.
  • They will verify all your documents required and then you will be processed to take a photograph.
  • After photograph we need to give our finger print to ensure that we are the owners of that identity as finger prints cannot be changed or modified until unless a expert can do which is also not so easy.
  • Then your application procedure will come towards an end where you will receive a slip which is used for checking your status of issuing the Aadhar card.
  • You will be given a code which you need to enter in the official website of Aadhar card and see the
  • You can take card online or offline.
  • Messages are also sent to the registered mobile number to update the status of issuing the card.

As we will submit the documents we have different documents for OCI or NRI which are given below-

  • Proof of Identity (Any card like Green card , International Driving License).
  • Proof Of Date Of Birth.

This is how a OCI can apply for Aadhar which is very easy and simple. You can also see How to make aadhar card for NRI’s .

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  1. As far as an Aadhar card for an OCI, there should be a method of online application.It is not pratically possible for an individual holding a U S Citizenship but of Indian Origin to come all the way to India to apply for an Aadhar Card.
    The authorities concerned should work out a procedure for such persons.

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