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How to make aadhar card for NRI’s?

Aadhar card for NRI
Aadhar card for NRI

Any resident of India, non-resident Indian(NRI), or any foreign citizen residing in India can apply for Aadhar card. In this article, you will get to know about Aadhar card for NRI. The procedure and prerequisites for the Aadhar card for NRI are practically equivalent to the Indian nationals. NRI can apply at any of the open Aadhar card focus close to their area in India. There is additionally no arrangement to Aadhar card apply online for the NRI. NRI applicants can only take a prior appointment for a future date online. NRI’S also have to submit for biometric and iris recordings, such as fingerprints and eyeball recordings, apart from producing basic identity documents. it is expressed in qualification criteria of aadhar card that individual of all ages can apply for Aadhar card. it is accessible free for all natives and inhabitants of India, including NRIs and occupants outside nationals.

Aadhar card for NRI


Documents required for applying an Aadhar card for NRI-

Following documents are required to apply for an Aadhar card for NRI-

  • Birth certificate.
  • Photo ID proof.
  • schooling certificate.

along with above-given documents, you have to produce the documents that imply the connection you have with another country. the documents submitted by you will be verified by officials to determine whether they are eligible applying for Aadhar card.


  • The further process comes to submitting biometric information, in this, all your 10 fingers will be scanned for unique prints and stored in the database. your thumbprint will also be printed on the Aadhar card.
  • Apart from thumbprint, your iris scanning will also be done to establish your perfect identity.
  • After the scanning process, your photograph will be taken, which will be printed on your Aadhar card.

how to make aadhar card for NRI'S?

 Follow the following steps to get Aadhar card for NRI-

how to make aadhar card for NRI's

  • The NRI applicant must provide the basic NRI identity, such as green card identity of the USA, where the applicant currently resides, also the identity proof from the establishment in which they are employed or engaged. This is to establish the genuineness of the NRI requiring to stay in a particular country.
  • visit the nearby aadhar enrollment center.
  • The applicant must have all the documents handy that are to be submitted in photocopy for establishing their identity as NRI.
  • An NRI also has to produce documents such as birth certificate, school certificate, photo identity card and connection with the foreign country in which they are living or holding the green card.
  • Biometric scanning of all the ten fingers which is important to make a perfect identity. This scanning will make applicant’s identity more unique. for this candidate have to visit Aadhar Enrollment center personally.
  • scanning of iris will also be performed for applicant’s identity. The biometric iris scanning will also be processed in the Aadhar Enrollment center along with the finger.
  • The photograph will be taken by the webcam and added to the overall Aadhar card document.

After completing all the steps, candidate’s Aadhar card will be posted to the given postal address within two to three months. Applicants can also check their Aadhar card status online and download Aadhar card online.

It is important for NRI to apply for Aadhar card as it will help them to get jobs in government sectors while returning to INDIA. Aadhar card acts as a proof of identification for you. you will receive all the subsidies and schemes offered by the government of INDIA.

The process and documentation to register for an Aadhar card for  NRIs are similar to that of the Indian residents. UIDAI has made the process for applying for Aadhar card easy for all the citizens as well as Indians who reside outside India.

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