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How to add mobile number in aadhar card without OTP? |

Is it possible to add mobile number in aadhar card without OTP? 

Yes it is, aadhar card is only available for Indian residents. This all is managed by Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) in India. Apart from the 12 digit unique number; Aadhar Card carries the Card holder’s biometric and demographic information. Although Aadhaar has quite a number of utility properties, it does have its drawbacks. The information provided at the time of making the card, is quite essential. Hence, in case any one of these important details are lost or changed; it is quite problematic for the Aadhaar Card holder to get it back on the right track. But it can be done with a few efforts on our own behalf. There is a misunderstanding that people can change their registered mobile number without the use of OTP. Well, for your information, it isn’t true. OTP number is quite important when it comes to your mobile number. So changing it online without OTP is not possible. However, you can follow an offline method to do changes in terms of your lost mobile number.

add mobile number in aadhar card without OTP 

How to add mobile number in aadhar card without OTP Offline Method: 

In case you have lost your originally registered mobile number and want to add mobile number in aadhar card online without OTP , you cannot follow the online procedure as such. You can now only update your new mobile number by using an offline method.

  1. What you can do is download the form from UIDAI. After downloading the form, fill the form with all the details wanted in there.
  2. After filling in the details, send them to any of the two addresses mentioned in the form itself. I would suggest checking the details yet again to make sure no error remains. After assuring yourself of the details being entered are correct, submit them.
  3. Do remind yourself of attaching a photocopy of the self-attested proof for your identity. This is quite important for carrying out the procedure smoothly.
  4. In case, the addresses don’t seem to be suitable to you, you do have an option of submitting the filled forms at your nearest Aadhaar card centres.

Once you have submitted your form, it would be verified subsequently by the concerned officials and in a few days, you will receive an update confirming the updation of your new mobile number. In case you did not provide the mobile number during the enrollment and wish to update your mobile number now, you can only do that through offline means. You don’t have the option of updating your mobile number online. You have the option of visiting your nearest Aadhaar Enrolment centre and to ask the officials for correction in the mobile number. The official will then change the mobile number in the Aadhaar Database.

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