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How to Locate Aadhar Enrollment Centers in India? [ With Simple Steps ]

How to Locate Aadhar Enrollment centres | Apply for aadhar card | aadhar card tracker

To help you know how to locate Aadhar enrollment centers in your city we are sharing over here a simple but effective ways of locating Aadhar enrollment centers in India, nearest to your residence. Aadhar is increasingly becoming a mandatory document (Identity Card) to avail benefits of several government schemes in India. Issued by UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) Aadhar is a must biometric ID/Residence proof for authenticating personal identity and residence. Based on biometric details like images of eyes, finger impressions and face the Aadhaar has become indispensable today as even a general saving account can’t be operated without linking your account with Aadhaar. LPG, Ration, DL, Banking, Mobile and travelling services have been brought under the ambit of Aadhar.

 Aadhar Enrollment Centers

Voter ID card, PAN, Passport, DL (driving license) and Ration Card though have been substantial ID and residence proof, unscrupulous elements managed to create fake documents to commit fraud and flee. But Aadhaar based on biometric data can’t be generated fake. It is verified on the spot. Even if some changes like the name or address are required to be updated, it requires biometric authentication with documentary evidences.

As the topic revolves around how to locate Aadhar enrollment centers lets contemplate on Aadhaar enrollment centers.

How to Locate Aadhar Enrollment Centers Online

Visit help@uidai.gov.in. This online help site of Aadhaar will let you locate the Aadhaar enrollment centers in your locality, answering the queries of what you must be curious to know about.

UIDAI’s Official Website (Locate Online Aadhaar Center)

  • Click on official site of Aadhar (UAIDAI), https://uidai.gov.in or paste the following link on Google https://appointments.uidai.gov.in/easearch.aspx

It offers three options to locate Aadhar enrollment centers like State, Pin-Code and search box. If you know the names of locality and Pin Code than you must opt for the ‘State’ option. If you know only the location and not the Pin then click on ‘search box’ while contrarily if you don’t know the name of location but Pin then click on ‘Pin Code’ to locate nearest Aadhar enrollment center.

Now mention related details including the verification Code (CAPTCHA) into the respective boxes. With strong internet connectivity you can locate Aadhar enrollment center easily.

Locate Aadhaar Enrollment Centers with “1947”

If unable to locate the authorized Aadhaar enrolment centers online then you should call up directly to the UIDAI call center dialing on 1947 or 18001801947 to know Aadhaar enrollment/updates center. This is the best way to locate
Aadhar enrollment center offline in India.

Self Service for Aadhaar Updates

Although the toll free phone numbers, 1947 or 18001801947, promptly provide all the related information such as procedure of Aadhaar enrolment, Aadhar enrolment centers, mandatory documents required, period of generating Aadhar card, availing E Aadhar Card, how to update Aadhaar Card in nearest Aadhar Enrollment center, etc. you can update your existing Aadhar taking a few simple steps at home. Just upload the substantiating documents on official portal of UIDAI.

  • Log in the Aadhar portal with your Aadhaar number
  • Mention you request for name/address/etc
  • Upload the authentic documents approving the demand for updates
  • Choose the BPO service-providing entity to for updating your Aadhar Card

Note: You must upload self-attested/signed scanned copy of new address proof (POA). You’ve not to get its original E Aadhaar print as without verification it is not allowed to be saved into data of Aadhaar.

Banks/Post Office

Dwelling on innumerable inquiries over how to locate Aadhar enrollment centers in India the UIDAI has planned to provide Aadhaar enrollment/update services through post offices and banks as well. So contact local post office or bank to know about Aadhar enrollment centers. You can also see Aadhar self-service update portal.

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