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How to Get Aadhaar smart card [ With Simple Steps ]

 Get Plastic aadhar card online in simple steps

The Aadhar cards generated and issued by UIDAI are generally made of thin PVC paper which is required to be cut into Identity card shape and laminated to last long. But PVC material susceptible to high temperature loses its shape on being heated up during lamination thus losing its shape and details of Aadhaar bearer like name and image. To avoid it the Aadhaar registered members had no option except inserting the paper-like thin Aadhar card into the polyvinyl cover of ID. But it also gets dirty due to dust and moisture penetrating it. But the hard plastic Aadhaar cards also known as PVC smart Aadhaar cards have emerged as the best solution keeping at bay the filth which persists within the tiny plastic cover containing paper-like thin Aadhar ID card.

Identified with variety of names such as Aadhaar smart card, Smart PVC Aadhar card, Aadhar plastic card and Aadhar PVC card the hard plastic Aadhaar cards are sold at the authorized enrollment centers. But private groups also have been engaged in printing out the hard Plastic Aadhaar Cards and delivering them on doorsteps. Anyone else can place online order for the long lasting plastic hard Aadhaar smart cards.

Does UIDAI Provide Smart PVC Aadhar Cards?

After generating the Aadhaar card the UIDAI creates its print outs on polyvinyl paper which can’t be kept in purse like ATM Card, Debit Card or Credit card. But being viewable online the Aadhaar card is linked or updated only online and so its use as hard documentary copy is supposed to be less significant. But there are yet many places and services where the Aadhaar card is required to be produced physically as a hard copy. So you should get printed a hard plastic made Aadhaar smart card also rather than using a paper-like superficial Aadhaar Card which may get trampled if handled randomly.

How to Get a Hard Aadhaar Smart Card or Aadhar Plastic Card?

Dwelling on physical demerits of paper-like thin PVC Aadhaar card the privately run authorized enrollment centers have come forward to print hard plastic Aadhaar Cards for all the registered Aadhaar bearers. Identified as Aadhar PVC cards also the smart hard plastic Aadhaar cards have become urgent need of hours presently attracting even the old Aadhaar bearers to get one at affordable price. Even those holding paper-like polyvinyl Aadhaar can get a hard plastic Aadhaar card made of hard PVC plastic material. Take any of the following steps for hard Aadhar card (smart hard plastic Aadhar card).

  • Visit local Enrollment Aadhaar Centre – Almost all the Aadhaar enrollment centers have started printing out the plastic Aadhaar cards charging 40 rupees only per Smart PVC Aadhar card. But the individuals seeking to have such type of hard plastic smart Aadhar card should have with them their mobile number registered with Aadhaar to receive OTP. If you’ve lost your registered mobile number then you should register your current mobile number at any of the authorized enrollment centers by paying 20 rupees in cash for updates. But you will have to wait 60 to 90 days to get a hard PVC plastic Aadhaar card or Smart plastic Aadhaar card.
  • Cyber Cafes – Many cyber cafes also generate Aadhar plastic cards by charging 50 to 60 rupees per PVC Aadhaar card from the individuals. But without the registered mobile neither number they neither can have Vinyl Material hard plastic card at Aadhaar centre nor at Cyber cafes. So registered mobile number is must which you should reveal for downloading Aadhaar and print out plastic smart Aadhaar card. The mobile number registered with Aadhaar is must to receive one time password (OTP) without which the Aadhar plastic card cannot be printed.
  • Online Order – Internet is flooded with many Aadhaar-related websites which claim to provide hard plastic material or PVC Aadhaar smart card at lower price. Search a website for hard smart Aadhaar cards and enter your mobile number for a particular type of smart plastic Aadhaar card. The company will make call on your mobile number demanding required information for the plastic Aadhaar smart card. Any plastic Aadhaar card chosen will be delivered at your doorsteps.

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