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Duplicate Aadhaar Card Search by Name [ With Simple Steps]

If you want to view your Aadhaar Card online you can do so with the E version of Aadhaar, also termed as duplicate Aadhaar card viewable online. Anyone else can make duplicate Aadhaar card search by name on official website of UIDAI conveniently. But despite being made easier the job of duplicate Aadhaar card search by name yet needs a registered mobile number to download e Aadhaar card. The mobile number receives one time password (OTP) sent by UIDAI for the download of E Aadhaar Copy of Aadhaar card. So you must shed the idea of a duplicate Aadhaar card search by name onlyas it is meant only for the recently enrolled Aadhaar Card applicants.

Duplicate Aadhaar Card Search by Name

Can We do Duplicate Aadhaar Card Search by Name of Individual?

This question needs an explanation as it can’t be answered promptly with straightforward answer of ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Just after the Aadhaar enrollment process is accomplished the Aadhaar Card takes 60 to 90 days to be generated and finally be delivered at the address of applicant. With Aadhaar card enrollment process being completed a process gets underway for Aadhar card generation during which individuals can only check the status of their Aadhar Card by name.

Once the Aadhaar Card is generated its confirmation is communicated on registered mobile number of the person. But in case you do not receive SMS for Aadhaar card generation then you can check it online by entering your name and other registration details like the date, time and year mentioned on the enrollment slip. First of all you should check the status of your Aadhaar card rather than going for the duplicate Aadhaar card search by name. Visit the UIDAI’s official website and enter your name and enrollment date/time/year to check the status of Aadhaar card. Once you find your Aadhaar Card generated and sent to your residential address then you can download
duplicate Aadhaar card also online but not without mobile number which requires to be used to receive one time
password (OTP). You should not waste your time on duplicate Aadhaar card search by name as mobile number will suffice for downloading the e version Aadhaar card. So the question of duplicate Aadhaar card search by name is extremely random. We can check only the status of newly enrolled Aadhaar card with enrollment slip. If generated, the Aadhaar card can be downloaded as a duplicate Aadhaar card or e version Aadhaar card using the registered mobile number. The original Aadhaar generated by UIDAI is sent to the registered address of the person.

Can We Obtain Duplicate Aadhaar Card without Mobile Number?

Great question indeed. You cannot download Aadhaar Card without mobile number except viewing the Aadhaar online. You will have to use your mobile number mandatorily to receive OTP. If the mobile has been lost you should register a new number through any of the two options, i.e. enrollment centre and UIDAI’s official website. Update of mobile also takes 60 to 90 days after which you can download your Aadhaar card online or have e version of the card.

How Long Does it Take in Issuance of Duplicate Aadhaar Card?

As Aadhaar Card is based on the biometric information it requires all the data to be saved on its data bank. As the images of fingers, face and eyes take two to three months time in getting stored in the database to generate Aadhaar card, any kind of updates also take same period. You can update your mobile number yourself on UIDAI with the new number.

Can We Make Duplicate Aadhaar Card search by Name?

This question needs an explanation as it can’t be answered with prompt ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Just after the enrollment for Aadhaar the applicants are required to wait till the card is generated. Once the Aadhaar card is generated you get entitled to download E Aadhaar card entering Aadhaar card number. Take a look at the procedure.

  • Enter enrollment number (if not allotted Aadhaar Card)
  • Type the your name
  • Enter the email
  • Enrolled mobile number + click on “Get OTP”
  • On receiving the OTP sent to your mobile enter the code on “verify” box.
  • You will receive the Aadhaar Card number through the SMS on your mobile

The Aadhaar card number you receive will help you download the E Aadhaar card by visiting or clicking on click here

  • Click on “Aadhaar I have”
  • Enter number of AADHAAR card, your name, local area Pin Code, mobile number and security code
  • Click over ‘Get OTP’ box to receive one time password (OTP) to be delivered on your registered mobile number
  • Type the OTP in respective box
  • Click mouse over ‘validate & download’ to download e Aadhaar card
  • Now enter the local area PIN code to take out print of E adhar card in PDF form.

You can also see How to verify Aadhar card by name.

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