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Aadhaar Card status by name and PIN Code [ With Simple Steps]

If you are an Indian by birth then you should not bother to learn how to inquire Aadhaar Card status by name and PIN code. This is not a modus operandi to check Aadhaar Card status but a pre-condition for foreign nationals/NRIs to get them enrolled with Aadhaar for the sake of biometric details based authentic identification which is sent to the current location (area PIN Code of City) they reside in India. In other words, except categorizing NRIs/FNs for the enrollment with Aadhaar, the term, “Aadhaar Card Status by Name and PIN Code” doesn’t have any significance for checking Aadhaar Card Status.

Just like common Indians FRs/NRIs also are required to enroll with Aadhaar for security reasons and benefits/services they may prefer to have. But above all the Aadhaar card authenticates their identity fortifying them against superfluous documentary submission in India for government and private services. The NRIs and foreign nationals living in India are issued Aadhaar Card by UIDAI, termed as UID (Distinctive Positive Identification). If you as a non resident Indian want to know Aadhaar Card status by name and PIN code of a particular area, you can do so on by visiting the UIDAI’s portal.

Significance of Aadhaar Card status by name and PIN Code

You shouldn’t get confused with the term ‘Aadhaar Card status by name and PIN code’ so far as checking the Aadhaar card is concerned. UID Aadhaar card to be issued to the foreign nationals is generated considering their current location (based on area PIN code) in India. So you should not take it as a special procedure to inquire Aadhaar Card status for the foreign national/NRIs demanding their name and PIN code of their residence. You do not need to check Aadhaar Card status by name and PIN code for a person with foreign nationality. You can check recently enrolled Aadhaar Card status for a NRI/Foreign Nationalist by simply visiting UIDAI’s website and clicking on “Check Aadhaar Status”.

How to Check Aadhaar Card Status by Name and PIN Code?

If you’ve enrolled for Aadhaar Card of late and want to check its status then you should visit UIDAI’s official website. Being a newly registered Aadhaar applicant you should have at your hand the Aadhaar acknowledgement slip with 14 digit enrollment number, enrollment date and enrollment time. Enrollment date, year and timing mentioned as 14 digits enrollment time details are required to be mentioned in another box, just adjacent to the enrollment number box. In this way the Aadhaar Card status can be checked by clicking on the ‘Check Aadhaar Status’ option of the UIDAI even without mobile number and PIN code. You can check status of recently registered Aadhaar Card taking following steps.

  • Visit home page of UIDAI click here and click on ‘Check Aadhaar Status’. You can reach at ‘Check
    Aadhaar Status’ directly by clicking on here also.
  • Enter 14 digit Aadhar Enrollment Number in one box and 14 digit details of date, year and timing in another box
  • Enter the Captcha
  • Click on Check Status, You will come across the actual Aadhaar Card status by name of yours.

Before winding up we would like to remind you that NRIs in India are required to enroll for Aadhaar card by name and location they live in India. They can check their Aadhaar Card status by name and PIN Code of city they reside in.

You can also see check aadhar card status online

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