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How to update Aadhar card if mobile number is lost?[ With Simple Steps]

Aadhar Card Mobile Number Lost :- Worry is natural to strike you provided duplicate SIM of your registered Aadhar card mobile number lost somewhere else is not easy for you to recover. Dwelling on it we are providing information on updating the registered mobile number with new one or registering new mobile number with Aadhar through different methods.

The mobile users would randomly have changed and forgotten their mobile numbers earlier for attractive new plans offered by rival mobile companies. The numbers sold on a large scale by the retailers used to be registered in fake names which on being lost were impossible to be recovered as duplicate SIM. But ever since Aadhaar has been made mandatory the business of fake mobile numbers has been checked.

Updating Aadhar Card Mobile Number Lost

One of the major reasons of continuing with current mobile number is Aadhaar becoming mandatory for multiple purposes including Aadhaar updates and E Aadhaar printing. But missing any of the current mobile numbers of yours registered with Aadhar has got to pose difficulties which you should deal with by going through textual content mentioned on this page.

Visit Aadhaar Enrollment Center

Visit one of the nearest Aadhaar enrollment centers if the registered Aadhar card mobile number lost you are not able to retrieve. Just fill up a form mentioning your new mobile number which would be changed within 60 to 90 days. You may be charged a meager amount of money.

Update Aadhar Mobile Number Online

You can update existing Aadhar mobile number online by visit official website of UADAI or a sub link,
https://ssup.uidai.gov.in/web/guest/update . So before the registered Aadhar mobile number you remove you should update its detail with another new one for further Aadhaar related services like updates or E Aadhar card.

Register New Aadhaar Mobile Number by Post

You can register another mobile number with your Aadhaar Card with your postal request. Send your Aadhaar Card No and identity/address proof mentioning new mobile number. This method applicable for updates of address and changed-names as well. But it takes times. So it’d better you get registered a new number in the place of Aadhar card mobile number lost. The mobile number registered with Aadhaar helps in self service of Aadhaar as the OTP is sent on the registered number for verification or authentication of the user.

What to do if Registered Aadhar Mobile Number Gets lost?

You may take any of the following steps in case the current mobile number of yours registered with Aadhaar card gets missing or is lost somewhere.

Get Duplicate SIM of Mobile Registered with Aadhar

If you want to update your Aadhaar with new address online then the mobile number registered with Aadhaar should be in your possession. If you have lost it then there are few options before you for arranging a duplicate SIM of the lost mobile number registered with Aadhaar card.

How to Arrange Duplicate SIM?

  • If it belongs to you – Visit local police station with two copies to get one back after being stamped by PS. Now visit local customer service center network operator with and take duplicate SIM producing the Aadhaar. If you have lost Aadhaar card then you must request for granting you a little time so that you can arrange duplicate Aadhaar/E Aadhar. The company generally issues the duplicate card after the aforesaid formalities being accomplished by the user.
  •  If it doesn’t belong to you – If the ownership of lost mobile number, registered with your Aadhaar, is another individual’s name then you must produce an affidavit on your behalf with request for duplicate SIM, claiming its ownership. The mobile company despite entertaining your request may yet ask you to link respective number with your Aadhaar. If you have lost even your Aadhaar card and oblivious of its number then you can furnish any other document matching its details with Aadhaar. The network after verifying the details biometrically will issue duplicate SIM of lost mobile number registered with Aadhaar.

But despite being enrolled with Aadhaar you neither can recall your Aadhaar number nor have any authentic document matching details Aadhaar then you should get the whole process on behalf of any of your friends or family members equipped with Aadhaar. You can also see Aadhar card mobile number update online with simple steps .

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