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Easy steps to download Aadhaar card without OTP | aadhar-uidai.in

If you want to download Aadhaar card without OTP you’ve got to encounter failure as UIDAI allows only the genuine Aadhaar bearers to download Aadhaar card using their registered mobile number to receive one time password (OTP).

download Aadhaar card without OTP

Why Can’t Anyone Download Aadhaar without OTP?

OTP (one time password) actually is a verification code to be sent directly on mobile number registered with Aadhaar prior to request for Aadhaar download. OTP is a onetime password to be generated automatically on UIDAI’s website prior to Aadhaar updation and Aadhaar download. As Aadhaar is based on biometric details of individual, the UIDAI verifies whether the request has been made by a genuine Aadhaar-bearer or any unauthorized person. UIDAI has made registering a mobile number or Email mandatory for the enrollment with Aadhaar.  So everyone enrolling for Aadhaar is required to mention their mobile number or Email which is used to verify genuineness of Aadhaar bearer.

How to Download Aadhaar card without OTP?

Crucial question indeed. Many Aadhaar holders despite registering their mobile number in Aadhaar do not consider it important to continue with respective mobile number. This is the only reason that they change it for attractive offers of telecom companies or they forget it forever. Such habit of Aadhaar holders after all emerges as tremendous problem thwarting all the chances of re-downloading Aadhaar card, if lost, without the registered mobile number which receives OTP generated and sent by UIDAI.

If you have lost your currently registered mobile number then you should register a new mobile with your Aadhaar account so as to download Aadhaar card but not without OTP. There are a few particular methods of updating Aadhaar using the registered mobile number. Let’s have a look at the simple but effective ways of registering new mobile number with Aadhaar.

  • Visit UIDAI Enrollment Center – Visit any of your local authorized UIDAI enrollment centers with your Aadhaar and new mobile number which you want to register with your Aadhaar account. Your biometric information will be checked on the spot with the images of your fingers and the eyeballs. At the enrollment centre the enrollment executive will feed your new phone number and update your account, issuing you a 15 digit enrollment slip. After online updation the Aadhaar account takes 60 to 90 days in getting finally updated and becoming visible online. But it can be updated even earlier which can be checked with 15 digit details of enrollment slip issued at the enrollment centre. The slip bears enrollment number, date, month, year and timing (hours-minutes-second) with which you can check online the status of your newly registered mobile number.
  • Courier/Post Your Details to UIDAI HQ – Another method of updating Aadhaar account with new mobile number is couriering the personal details including new mobile number to be registered with Aadhaar. If you are corresponding from the same address mentioned in Aadhaar then you do not need to enclose address proof while in case you’ve changed your previous address then you will have to furnish documentary proof to substantiate the new address. You must send Xerox copy of your Aadhaar card, current address proof and new mobile number to be registered with Aadhaar. Within two to three months your new number will be registered with your newly registered mobile number and newly Aadhar Card bearing updated mobile will be couriered to your address, authenticated by address proof.

After the mobile number is registered the Aadhaar account is updated after which you can download your Aadhaar card with the OTP sent directly on respective mobile number. So you should not think of downloading your Aadhaar card without OTP.

Comment below if you have any queries regarding downloading aadhar card without OTP.

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  1. I haven’t received my aadhaar and now my mobile number is submitted with the old company, they have redistributed it at idea. I neither have aadhaar number nor the mobile no now. unable to download or even get my aadhaar number. Please help!

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