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Aadhaar Authentication Application Programming Interface |

Concept of Aadhaar Authentication Application Programming Interface

We all are familiar with the concept of Aadhar card. Aadhaar Card is used to identify an individual as Indian civilians. It gives the holder an identity to private as well as public sectors throughout the country. It contains a 12 digit unique number for the issuers. Aadhar card is only available for Indian residents. This venture is carried out by the organization which goes with name of Unique Identification Authority Of India (UIDAI) in India. Apart from the 12 digit unique number; Aadhar Card carries the Card holder’s biometric and demographic information.

Aadhaar Authentication Application Programming Interface


The Aadhar card is also available online at the web link given hereApart from this, the card holds other significant characteristics:-

  1. Durability (Aadhaar number is such that it remains the same throughout lifetime of an individual)
  2. Exclusivity (An Aadhaar holder can have only one ID and similarly, no two Aadhaar card holders can have the same ID)
  3. Universal (The same can be utilised across various different applications)

A Glimpse of Aadhaar Authentication Application Programming Interface

Basically, it is a procedure wherein the allotted Aadhaar Number, alongside with the similar other attributes, including biometrics, are given away to CIDR online for the purpose of verification on the basis of information available along with it.

Aadhaar authentication application programming interface provides various ways for an aadhaar holder to authenticate themselves. At a higher level, this authentication takes place using Demographics data or Biometric (FP/Iris) data, and OTP.

Steps involved in Aadhaar Authentication Application Programming Interface (API)

Authentication Flow

  1. The first step is to have the Aadhaar holder provide Aadhaar Number and the related demographic and biometric information to the terminal devices that belongs to the AUA/Sub-AUA to have a service offered by the AUA/Sub-AUA.
  2. Aadhaar authentication API acts upon these input parameters, encrypts and then sends it across to AUA server. This can be done either by a mobile or broadband network using AUA specific protocol.
  3. The AUA server,only after adding necessary headers and proper validation; passes the request through ASA server to UIDAI CIDR.
  4. Aadhaar UIDAI authentication application programming interface reverts back with a ‘yes or no’ after validating the input information.
  5. Basing the procedure on the reply through Aadhaar authentication programming interface, the AUA/Sub-AUA conducts the transaction.

Aadhaar Authentication can also be done by the holder using self service through mobile or broadband data connection  

  1. In this particular case, the transaction data required for the procedure is seized on the Internet application which is given by AUA/Sub-AUA.
  2. The holder is asked to give the necessary demographic data along with the provided OTP. Also, they are supposed to give other AUA specific data such as account number, password, PIN etc.
  3. The further steps in this method are similar to those of the ones mentioned as step c, d and e.

There are two such scenarios for Aadhaar authentication application programming interface as discussed above. There can be another phenomenon that has slight variation from 2nd phenomenon wherein ASA can be replaced by AUA and that it has direct connection to UIDAI data centers. Lastly, use of public URL to test the authenticity of the Aadhaar card is a also a measure to be used.

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