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SBI Aadhaar Pay | Aadhar Merchant Payment App | aadhar-uidai.in

SBI Aadhaar PayBHIM SBI Aadhaar App has brought SBI bank in your hand paving the way in this way for prompt digital payments. Whether you are customer or a merchant the BHIM SBI app will help you with its fastest digital services based on Aadhaar without requiring you to physically visit the bank to deposit money in your account. Created on the pattern of BHIM app the SBI Aadhaar app is completely based on biometric data and so doesn’t put forth embarrassing prerequisite for transferring or accepting the money into bank account of customers linked with Aadhaar. Introduced as BHIM-SBI app the SBI Aadhaar Payment app can be downloaded from Google Play Store on any smart phone (compatible to specific technical feature of SBI) and be operated by SBI customers anytime anywhere else to make and receive payments.

The SBI Aadhaar Payment app we are explaining about doesn’t require bank account, password/PIN, mobile number, etc. Once downloaded on Smartphone it works as a bank official on behalf of you without embarrassing dos and dons. So just download SBI app (also known as BHIM – SBI App) on your smart phone and do the transactions for products and services you purchase or put on sales. The BHIM – SBI payment app transfers money into the accounts of other banks also seeded with Aadhaar.

What is SBI Aadhaar Payment App?

Based on Aadhaar’s biometric information of bank customer the SBI app needs nothing like account number, password/PIN, mobile number, OTP, etc except Aadhaar number. The SBI Aadhaar Payment app provides absolutely safe and secure transactions keeps all the chances of fraudulence and unauthorized use at bay. In simple words the SBI apps doesn’t allow any person to make or receive payments as biometric details (thumbnail impression) authenticate the identity of customer transferring the money straight into desired account. As the SBI app is seeded with Aadhaar, it starts functioning just after being downloaded on biometric-compatible Smartphone.

Requirements for SBI Aadhaar Payment App

Being a merchant if you want to do your business without hassles of counting filthy notes and coins, just download SBI app, provided your bank account is linked with your Aadhaar card and take in this way your business onto extreme of prosperity. Following arrangements are indispensably required for safe and secure transactional services on Aadhaar-seeded BHIM – SBI app.

  • Aadhaar card (it’d better you memorize Aadhaar number)
  • A Smartphone/Android version 4.2 (compatible to technical features determined by SBI) with Wi-Fi or strong internet connectivity
  • Smartphone should be equipped with biometric data scanning feature and OTG support to connect scanner
  • Biometric scanner/thumbnail reader to read biometric data
  • BHIM – Aadhaar SBI App (Downloaded on Smartphone)
  • USB Cord to connect the scanner with Smartphone

Benefits of SBI Payment App

  • The SBI app seeded with Aadhaar card is secure as no any unauthorized person can receive payments except bank customer.
  • Being inter operable the SBI Aadhaar Payment app enables almost all the customers of different banks linked up with Aadhaar card to make or receive payments (transfer the money).

Outstanding Features of SBI Payment App

Following are some of the outstanding features of Aadhaar seeded BHIM SBI Payment app.

  • Provides card less transactions (aka digital payment services)
  • Works much faster within a few seconds thus saving precious time to be spent inside the bank
  • Credits the payments directly to bank account of merchant which otherwise requires physical presence of bank-customer/merchant to deposit money in bank
  • Absolutely secure
  • Provides details of transactions helping the merchant (bank customer) to track payments

SBI has determined particular specifications as technical features required for the BHIM – Aadhaar SBI payment app which you should ensure.

How to Use BHIM – SBI App?

  • Download the SBI App akin to BHIM on your smart phone.
  • Register with SBI’s payment app by entering bank account and the branch you want the payment to be credited into
  • Accept the terms and conditions

The BHIM – SBI payment app although enables the merchants and customers to sell and purchase products and services making payments through their Aadhaar seeded bank accounts, there has yet been imposed a limit within which transactions must be accomplished. If you are a SBI customer desiring to buy a product or service then you can’t make transaction for more than 5000 rupees per day while for a month the transactional limit is Rs. 20,000. The merchant have been permitted to make transaction worth Rs. 100000 per month at the rate of Rs. 25,000 from an account seeded with Aadhaar card.

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