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Aadhar payment app

Aadhar payment app is the unique and easiest method of payment. it is one of the most popular cashless payment apps, which enables the merchants to accept cashless payments from the customer without the need of cards or e-wallets. Aadhar payment app uses Aadhar Enabled Payment System (AEPS). Every one of us can use this paid app.  you can also make payment if you do not have a mobile phone, the customer does not require the app, the person or merchant who wants money required to have a smartphone to download  Aadhar payment app. it is a new wave of digital revolution that has started in India. This app is made especially for the merchants and shopkeepers.

Aadhar payment app uses your fingerprints for the authentication. On the basis of this authentication, the payment can be made from your Aadhar linked account.

You can also transfer funds to your family, friends or to anyone account using AEPS. You just have to do enter your Aadhar number on the PoS machine, and scan your fingerprints, enter the recipient’s Aadhar card number followed by the amount and validate the transaction with your fingerprints. The money will be transferred from your account to the recipient’s account. It uses immediate payment service, the funds are transferred immediately, it works 24/7.

                        Requirements of Aadhar payment app

Following things are required for the Aadhar payment app to run smoothly-

Customers need Aadhar number and a bank account linked with Aadhar and clean fingers for the process of scanning.

Whereas merchants or shopkeepers need a smartphone, internet connection, Aadhar payment app, fingerprint scanner and a bank account.

Aadhar payment app

                              How Aadhar payment app works.

To use Aadhar payment app, it is necessary to link Aadhar to your bank account. This linking will lead to your bank account. The fingerprint is authenticated by the UIDAI, In response to a transaction, UIDAI tells the bank about the authenticity of the user.

  • Merchants or shopkeepers need to install Aadhar cashless merchant app on their smartphones.
  • Get a fingerprint scanner and connect it to the mobile phone.
  • At the time of payment, customers will fill their Aadhar number into the app.
  • The app will show all the linked bank accounts if you have more than one bank linked accounts.
  • Your fingerprint will be the password for the payment.
  • The app verifies your fingerprints with the available data.
  • And the payment will be made successfully.

NPCI and UIDAI both play an important role in this app. NPCI does switching, clearing, and settlement of transactions. UIDAI is for fingerprint authentication.

UIDAI may charge a nominal fee for authentication, but it is not charging yet.

The NPCI charges 10 paise per authentication and 25 paise for settlement.

The bank can charge 1% of the transaction if it is related to another bank. The minimum fees for other bank is rs.5 and the maximum fees is rs.15

This Aadhar payment app is supposed to be accepted broadly both by consumers as well as merchants and shopkeepers.

How to register for Aadhar payment app (for users)

  • Download Aadhar payment app from play store of your smartphone.
  • Enter Aadhar card number.
  • Select the bank linked with your Aadhar card from which you want to transactions should be done.
  • Scan your finger on bio metric. Your fingerprint will work as your password.

Aadhar payment app

How to register for Aadhar payment app (for merchants)

  • Aadhar payment app can be downloaded from the play store of your smartphone.
  • Login/Signup with your Aadhar number.
  • Validate your Aadhar number by using fingerprint by the bio metric scan.
  • To accept payment from the consumer, click on Aadhar pay.
  • Enter consumer Aadhar card number, Bank name and amount which you want to receive.
  • Click on yes to receive your payment.
  • Validate the transaction using customer fingerprint by the bio metric scan.
  • The transaction will be successful after that.

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