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IDFC Aadhaar Payment App | Cashless Payment System

With almost all the banks linking their customers’ account with their Aadhaar number and launching official app, the financial transactions have got unbelievably easier for online payments. If you are IDFC customer then you should download the Aadhaar payment app on your Smartphone for transactional services or transferring the money, bidding adieu to the previous modus operandi that would require ATM/debit card, PIN number, mobile number and E-payment Wallet. Based on based on biometric data the IDFC Aadhaar payment app doesn’t require card (ATM/Debit Card), PIN, E-Wallet or mobile as has been a trend as of now.

IDFC Aadhaar Payment App

With IDFC Aadhaar Payment App identifying the customer through his/her biometric data the bank-customer (merchant) can make payment or transfer money to any account for the purchase of goods/items by using his thumbnail and Aadhaar number. So the Aadhaar card has in this way emerged as an unquestionable authentic document certifying the genuineness of Aadhaar holder by his/her impression of thumbnail and the Aadhaar number.

IDFC Aadhaar Payment App stands amongst top Aadhaar based banking apps serving bank customers of IDFC without imposing lengthy procedure like downloading E wallet app, using mobile number for one time word (OTP) and bank details (A/C, PIN/Password, name of bank, etc).

Significance of IDFC Aadhaar Payment App

The idea of launching IDFC Aadhaar App was taken from BHIM app launched by the government for all the banking customers. BHIM is not based on conventional procedure but Aadhaar number and biometric data of the individuals (thumbnail) for banking transactions on android phone equipped with IDFC Aadhaar Payment App.

Services of IDFC Aadhaar Payment App

  • Balance enquiry of account
  • Receiving Payment
  • Money Transfer
  • Money Withdrawal

The Tools Required for IDFC Aadhaar Payment App

Following are the things you should be equipped with, provided you want to use IDFC Aadhaar Payment App downloaded on your android phone or Smartphone.

  • Smartphone with strong connectivity of net
  • Biometric Scanner
  • A Connecting Cable

How Aadhaar card Validates IDFC Aadhaar App

As mentioned earlier, the Aadhaar card is completely based on biometric data of the IDFC’s bank customer which is verified through thumbnail punched into the scanner. Any merchant or customer of IDFC doesn’t need to download any additional app, memorize PIN/password, carry cash card and hold mobile phone number for transactions as the thumbnail itself is the solution of all.

If you have a Smartphone with strong connectivity of net downloaded with IDFC Aadhaar Payment App then nothing will come on your way for financial transactions. You can get more information and be assisted for the IDFC Aadhaar Payment Apps and its services by entering your name, email, mobile number. The customer care executive will contact you on your registered mobile number. If you have yet any inquiry you should dial up the toll free number of IDFC – 1800 419 4332 for the assistance.

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