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Aadhaar card payment app download free

Aadhaar card payment app download free

With government of India stressing upon cashless transactions all over the country the Aadhaar Card payment apps have emerged as the best option for online payments. Many Aadhaar card payment apps are available today for free download. You can select anyone of the top credible Aadhaar card based apps for payments akin to popular BHIM app, launched by the government of India itself. But before downloading any popular Aadhaar card payment app we should know a little about modus operandi of Aadhaar card transaction apps.

Before planning for Aadhaar card payment app download freely available online we should contemplate on some of its crucial features which actually do determine the transactional modus operandi. BHIM is the best Aadhaar card based payment free app downloaded all across India. Based on Aadhaar Card’s biometric information the BHIM app helps in financial transactions by scanning biometric details of customers. Similar to BHIM app there are many Aadhaar card payment apps available online free for downloads.

Aadhaar card payment app download free

Why to Go for Free Download Aadhaar Card Payment Apps?

The customers and merchants as of now have been dependent only POS (payment of sale system) which require debit card and password. POS was supposed to be completely safe when it was launched. But despite being a  cashless mode of transactions it had a loophole i.e. security PIN which were leaked out easily. EOW (economic offence wing) squad has nabbed many offenders who stole the PIN or password and siphoned off entire cash from the account. In nutshell anyone else could withdraw money by tactically retrieving PIN of bank account. So despite seemingly looking secure the card transactions/payments somehow are risky.

It is not that debit card transaction was absolutely useless. It provided freedom from carrying heaps of cash. But its PIN being memorable by anyone else posed threat of entire cash from bank being siphoned off by fraudsters. Accessible only through a PIN or password the bank accounts have so far been found susceptible to hacking as well by unscrupulous elements. But with Aadhaar card based transactions introduced recently all across India the chances of monitory frauds have completely vanished. This is what warrants the merchant and customers for Aadhaar card payment app download freely available on internet.

Precondition for Best Free Aadhaar Card Payment App

Keep it uppermost in your mind that without bank account you cannot make payment online. So the search for one of the best ‘Aadhaar card payment apps download free’ has got to be of no use provided you have no account in any bank in India.

Dwelling on Aadhaar Card becoming mandatory the banks are developing their own apps based on their customer’s biometric details authenticated by Aadhaar. So instead of getting confused over selecting to download free a superb Aadhaar card payment app you rather should download your bank’s official app linked with your Aadhaar card’s biometric details. But many banks have yet to launch their app so it’d better you download BHIM a government launched free Aadhaar card payment.

Best Aadhaar card Payment Apps

@BHIM Aadhaar card Payment App

If you are looking for downloading a free top ranking Aadhaar card payment app then BHIM app has got to be the best choice. Developed by NPCI (national payments corporation of India) the BHIM is used by SBI (state bank of India) the largest bank in India. It has eased payments for both merchants and customers keeping all the chances of fraud at bay. With BHIM app there is no need of POS device, debit cum credit card and PIN number. The biometric Aadhaar card details are enough for credentials during payments.

@IDFC Aadhaar Card Payment App

You can download the IDFC Aadhaar Card Payment App free online for monitory transactions. Ever since the Aadhaar card has been made mandatory in everywhere in India the IDFC also has introduced its own official app based on the biometric information of customers for transactional services.

Benefits of Aadhaar Card Payment Apps Free Download

  • Cashless Transactions without Card – Unlike debit/credit card transaction the Aadhaar card payment apps
    accomplish all the payments by just reading biometric information of customer.
  • No need of Internet – Free Aadhaar card payment app downloaded on android mobile doesn’t need mobile
    number and ATM/debit/credit card.
  • No need of memorizing PIN of Password – If you adhere to any Aadhaar card payment app download free service, you will not more require memorizing the PIN. Your Aadhar based biometric information will suffice.
  • No Need of Wallet App – With Aadhaar card’s free download payment apps introduced in India you are no
    more required to download Wallet Apps which were shot into fame after the demonetization declared by PM,
    Narendra Modi. The Aadhaar card is scanned by UPI (unified payment interface) paving the way in this way for
    payments. So Aadhaar card payment app downloaded on android mobile phone free is to serve your as the safest way of transaction.

How Free Downloaded Aadhaar Card Payment App Works?

If you are a merchant then you can make payment with Aadhaar Card through Aadhaar card payment App downloaded on your Android phone connected with biometric-details- scanner or finger-reader slot.

  • Register yourself as a merchant on Aadhaar card payment app downloaded on your mobile. Or link up with Aadhaar app.
  • Attach the FS device with mobile.
  • Crate now a MPIN for Aadhaar card payments.
  • Enter Aadhaar Number of Customer – Enter customer’s Aadhar number on Aadhaar card payment app downloaded on Smartphone.
  • Mention the name of his Bank.
  • Enter the amount of to be paid by him.
  • Punch his thumb or finger into biometric scanner for biometric authentication. Finger works as authenticated password.
  • After authentication the payments will be credited in your bank account.

Devices Required for Aadhaar Card payment App downloaded Free on Android

  • Android mobile phone or Smartphone.
  • Finger print scanner certified by Standardization testing and quality certification. Keep it remember that inbuilt finger scanner of your android phone does not work as Aadhaar card payment app.
  • Internet connectivity on android phone.

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