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how to get aadhar card password to open pdf file

As far as the efforts of the government in implementing the need of Aadhar card in every other work of our daily life is concerned, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Aadhar card can be regarded as the big daddy of all identity proofs which we have nowadays. Given the fact that the government plans to make Aadhar mandatory in opening bank accounts, applying for gas subsidy, filing of ITRs, etc. we can see how far the government seems to be serious about strict implementation of Aadhar which tends the need of aadhar card password protected computer file. Therefore, day by day it is becoming important for the Indian citizens to have their Aadhar number.

Best and reliable answer on how to get aadhar card password to open pdf file

It might have been challenging for you if you have been through the exhaustive procedures of getting enrolled for your Aadhar number, appearing for bio metrics and waiting for the physical delivery of Aadhar card. Big congratulations to you if after so many struggles you have been successful to download Aadhar card from https://eaadhaar.uidai.gov.in/. But to the surprise of people, the Government has made this Aadhar file password protected. It means that in order to view your e aadhar card download copy and especially the Aadhar number so allotted to you, you need a password in order to open and view the file.

aadhar card password to open pdf file

You might be anxious and worried considering that through the entire registration process there was no such single instance when you were told about any sort of password in order to view your very own Aadhar card. You might not realize this in the beginning but this feature is for your very own benefit. A password protected file would restrict any other random person from viewing and getting to know about your Aadhar number with the intention of misusing it. If you are wondering how to get aadhar card password to open pdf file then let us tell you that the password to your Aadhar card is the PIN CODE of the address that you mentioned in your Aadhar card.

aadhar card password protected file

There have been countless number of cases relating to misuse of someone else’s identity proofs be it PAN card, Driving License, Voter ID card, Ration Card or for instance any other identity proof one can think of. The entire system of Aadhar has been made such so as to minimize the chances of creating forged Aadhar cards or misusing the ones already issued to the people. Making Aadhar file password protected is one among them. There are many people who have been raising such issues and queries as to how to get aadhar card password to open pdf file and now we have told you how you can do it.

Let’s imagine that even in the worst case scenario, somebody get hold of your Enrolment ID, your mobile number or any other details and he/ she downloads your Aadhar card, still he won’t be able to open your Aadhar card file and he would certainly not know How to get aadhar card password to open pdf file. There are other ways by which the password can be removed from your PDF file but it would be recommended to have your PDF file password protected.


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