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Aadhar card check by name – Just follow simple and easy steps

Video guide gor Aadhar card check by name

Aadhar card check by name – An easy way to download your aadhar card

Aadhar card check by name

Once you are done with the process of getting yourself enrolled for aadhar card, you need to wait for few weeks or even for a month or two before getting hold of your aadhar card. But today not many people have either patience or time to wait for their card. There are number of options available for Aadhar card check by name, you can get your Aadhar card download by name even before it is delivered to your address. The option to download e-aadhar can help you in quoting your aadhar number wherever you need to quote it without even waiting for the card to be delivered to your address.

All you need to do is to keep checking the Aadhar card check by name on the internet and when the status shows that your aadhar card is ready for downloading then you can download it.

Steps to follow during Aadhar card check by name

In order to check Aadhar status by name you need to go through the below-mentioned steps:

  • Click on the link https://resident.uidai.gov.in/check-aadhaar-status
  • Mention the Enrolment ID which you got during the registration process.
  • Type in the Security code which has been mentioned in the security box
  • Click on “Check Status”
  • The status of your aadhar number / aadhar card will be shown on the screen.

For the purpose of aadhar card check by name, you would need the enrolment slip given to you. The enrolment number and the date and time mentioned on the enrolment slip will be used in order to view the aadhar status. The aadhar status will show whether your aadhar number has been generated or not and whether it is now available for download or not. If your aadhar status shows that your aadhar card is available for download then you can download it. Downloading it from the internet saves you a lot of time which otherwise you would have wasted waiting for the aadhar card to be delivered to your address.

So, make sure that you do have enrolment slip safely with you otherwise you won’t be able to view the aadhar status and consequently you won’t be able to download it. Just log on to the official website of Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) so that you can get a link to check aadhar status. If you have not applied for your aadhar card as yet then apply for the aadhar number at the earliest. Make sure that you have all the documents required for applying for aadhar card. Visit your nearest aadhar enrolment center and fill up the aadhar form or you can follow a procedure for aadhar card apply online. With each passing day, the importance of aadhar card is also increasing. As far as the steps of the government are concerned, it is clearly visible that in the near future people would be required to quote their aadhar number quite often at important places. So, make sure that you have your aadhar number and you are well prepared beforehand. Visit the official website of UIDAI and apply for your aadhar card by taking an appointment at your nearest aadhar enrolment center.

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