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How to Link UAN with Aadhaar [ With Simple Steps ]

Link UAN with Aadhar card is mandatory which you can accomplish on your own provided you know its modus operandi. But let’s get acquainted ourselves with actual significance of Aadhaar before learning how to Link UAN with Aadhar.

What is the UAN?

UAN is the Universal Account Number authenticating multiple IDs of a government servant allotted by Employee’s Provident Fund Organization (EPFO). As acronym reveals itself the UAN serves as a universal account number representing several accounts and ever since Aadhaar card has been constituted as law linking the UAN with Aadhaar has become mandatory that transparently shows welfare services and all the economical status of individual government employee. So being a government servant you’ve have been allotted UAN then you should contemplate on learning how to link UAN with Aadhar card of yours.

How to Activate UAN?

You can do so either by EPFO-provided UAN or Aadhaar card. But let’s have a look at EPFO-provided UAN procedure. To activate UAN (universal account number) as individual employee you should have with you allotted UAN, provident fund details and the mobile number registered with EPF account. It is necessary to underline that UAN is allotted by the employer which you are required to activate on official website of EPFO (Employer’s Provident Funds Organization) taking the following steps:

  • Receive UAN (universal account number) and User ID from your employer/owner
  • Visit official website of UAN-EPFO or click on here.
  • Enter allotted UAN and your user ID, name, mobile number registered with UAN and EPF account details and click on “Get PIN”. You will receive the PIN delivered on your mobile number
  • Enter the PIN and click on submit
  • Creating new user ID and a password/PIN to finally activate your UAN.

The motive of introducing UAN is to maintain continuity of provident funds withdrawals/transfer without dependency on employer. A member registered with UAN gets freedom of withdrawing funds on his/her own and even closing the account without getting parasite on employer. This is the great service introduced under the aegis of EPFO (employer’s provident funds organization).

Link UAN with Aadhaar

How to Link UAN with Aadhaar?

After activating newly allotted UAN with the EPFO’s user ID you can easily link the activated universal account number of yours taking following steps, being mentioned over here.

  • Visit the official website of EPFO (employers’ provident funds organization) which works under Ministry of labor and Employment in India. You can reach on the targeted page by clicking on a link here
  • Enter EAN in the box
  • Enter mobile number, registered with UAN
  • Click on ‘generate OTP’. It would be delivered on the registered mobile number
  • Enter the OTP in the box
  • Select the gender out of Male or Female
  • Enter your Aadhaar number
  • Choose verification option from ‘Using Mobile/Email based OTP’ or ‘Using Biometric’. If you select ‘using biometric’ option then you will have to adopt any of authentication process by clicking on here
  • Click on Submit

To link UAN with Aadhaar it’d better you can directly visit the official website of EPFO and accomplish the desired process.

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