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[Simple Steps]How to link aadhar card to LPG ? | aadhar-uidai.in

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With Aadhaar card taking almost all the services and schemes in India into its ambit to authenticate the identity of individuals it has become indispensably important on our part to link each service with Aadhaar. Be it bank account, driving license, insurance, bank policy, PAN, passport or health service the Aadhaar card should be seeded mandatorily to almost all the government services.

link aadhar card to LPG

Even for subsidies of LPG and PDS (public distribution services) the Aadhaar card is indispensably required to be linked with the accounts of respective schemes. As the topic of this article revolves around linking Aadhaar card to LPG connection, we would share on this page the ways of interlinking LPG connection and Aadhaar card. If you’ve not seeded your Aadhaar card with LPG connection yet, go through textual content here of and learn useful tricks on how to link Aadhaar card to LPG both.

Why to link Aadhar card to LPG?

Gas customers should link Aadhaar card to the LPGas without linking Aadhar to LPG the subsidy on cylinders has got to be stopped being credited to their bank account. Aadhaar card shows all the services and schemes such as mutual funds, insurance policies, mobile numbers, bank accounts, PAN etc. so does it show the number of LPG connections issued to the name of a customer. If a consumer has managed to get issued several connections in his/her name then it would be visible through Aadhaar and unfair connections would be cancelled. In nutshell linking or seeding Aadhaar card to LPG checks corruption that earlier has been on its peak in the country.

Black-marketing for LPG was on its peak earlier in the country

Before being declared mandatory linking the Aadhaar card with LPG the distributers would have horded the cylinders causing biggest scarcity in the market. They sold illegally cylinders at a higher price causing in this way a big gap between demand and supply. Dwelling on the menace the LPG connection has now been linked with Aadhaar card prompting the customers to link their Aadhaar card to LPG connection. Apart from putting a curb on illegal LPG connections the linking of Aadhaar card o LPG account paves the way for fastest payment of subsidy to the bank account of consumers.

What is LPG subsidy?

Subsidy on LPG is the amount to be credited into LPG consumer’s bank account. Suppose you are an Indane customer entitled for 12 subsidized cylinders but you cannot purchase them at a reduced price (subsidized price)then you will have to purchase each of those subsidized cylinders at non-subsidized rate or market price. The subsidy given on cylinders are entitled to be transferred to your bank account. But there is a prerequisite calling for linking Aadhaar card to LPG connection. In other word your LPG account should be linked with Aadhaar card/number.

Linking Aadhaar card to LPG is not all as you will have to link Aadhaar card to your bank account as well. Maximum number of the rural LPG consumers complain that despite linking their Aadhaar card to LPG account the subsidy to be given on cylinder is not being credited to their bank account. If you too have encountered same kind of problem you should contemplate on what we are going to share with you. First link Aadhaar card to LPG by visiting your LPG agency carrying along with you the consumer number of LPG and Aadhaar number. After seeding or linking Aadhaar card to LPG you should visit the branch of your bank to link Aadhaar card to your bank account. Once the bank account is linked with Aadhaar, move ahead to link LPG connection with bank account. To do so fill up a form at your bank and submit it to the branch manager to link bank account to LPG connection. Within a week your bank account will be linked with LPG connection entitling you to receive subsidy of cylinders into your account.

How to link Aadhar card to LPG connection?

Going through the ubiquitous significance of Aadhaar card you might have well understood by now how indispensable linking Aadhaar card to LPG connection has become necessary today. But linking LPG connection to Aadhaar is not all as Aadhaar-linked LPG account should be linked with bank account also where the amount of subsidy is credited.  Let’s have a look at the ways of linking Aadhaar card to LPG account.

  • Linking Aadhar Card to LPG through distributor: 

    Visit local authorized LPG distributor with your Aadhaar card and LPG customer number. Reveal you registered mobile number as well. If you’ve not registered any mobile number with LPG account, get it registered forthwith. This is how you can link Aadhaar card to LPG connection easily.

  • Link Aadhaar Card to LPG through IVR/SMS:

    Indane Connection: IVR (Interactive Voice response) is one of the easiest ways of linking Aadhaar card to LPG. If you are Indane customer and want to link your Aadhaar card to LPG then you must dial any of the localize customer care numbers and follow the instructions to get your LPG account linked with Aadhaar. Different numbers have been issued for different regions/states of the country. But keep in your handsyour Aadhaar number, customer number and registered mobile number. The mobile number you register with LPG enables you to book LPG connection and have more information on associated services.

    Hindustan Connection: Just like India Oil (Indane gas) the Hindustan Petroleum (Hindustan gas) also has launched its customer care number that can be used to link Aadhaar card to LPG. Just dial the region based customer care number, from your registered number and follow the instructions thereof. The IVR system may ask the name of your state you belong to, inquiring more and more to link Aadhaar card with LPG. So by dialing the customer care number you can easily link your Aadhaar card to the LPG connection of Hindustan.

    Bharat Gas Connection: It also provides linking services especially to link Aadhaar card to LPG through its interactive voice response system. It has issued region-wise customer care number that help the customers to get their LPG connection linked with Aadhaar number.

  • Dialing Toll free Number of Ministry of Petroleum: 

    To help LPG customers have prompt solution of LPG related issues, from booking cylinder to linking Aadhaar card to LPG account, the ministry of petroleum and natural gas has issued a toll free number, 18002333555 which you can use not only to link Aadhaar card to LPG but for other important services as well.

  • Linking Aadhaar Card to LPG by Post: 

    With this option you can online download a form mandatory for linking/seeding Aadhaar card to the LPG gas service. Fill it enclosing the important documents such as LPG consumer receipt, Aadhaar card, photo and registered mobile number.Categorized as offline linking of Aadhaar card to LPG such option also has got to link Aadhaar card to the LPG gas conveniently.

  • Linking Aadhaar card to the LPG by SMS (short message service): 

    To link Aadhaar card to LPG you should have a registered mobile number in your possession. If it is not then firstly get your current mobile number registered with LPG account. It is one of the easiest ways of linking Aadhaar card to LPG by sending a particular message linking the Aadhaar number with LPG. Indane, Hindustan and Bharat gas companies have issued customer care numbers by which customers can get their Aadhaar card seeded easily to LPG.

Once your Aadhaar card is linked successfully to your LPG account, its message would automatically be delivered on your registered mobile number. If despite linking the Aadhaar card to LPG account you are not receiving subsidy on LPG cylinders in you bank account then you should contact the branch manager of your bank. It may be due to your bank account being not linked with your LPG account.

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