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Aadhar card now becomes an essential document, Government has also made schemes that will be beneficial to a citizen if one has had an aadhar card.Government is more focused on people to apply for aadhar card so, that more beneficiaries can be conveyed to you.Now aadhar card has become the most important document for identification, the most important thing about this document is that even younger ones under 3 years will also have an identification as a citizen of India. Providing every citizen with a Unique Identification Number would help the government in curbing black money and this is why Government of India is so focused on attaining 100% target of issuing Aadhar number.You can apply for aadhar card very easily just follow the following ways to apply and you are good to go.Even several international agencies have acknowledged the fact that UIDAI system is the most sophisticated identification system in the world. There is only a small portion of the Indian population that is still left out of the coverage of aadhar. For the ease of people, the government has provided options such as aadhar card apply online. Now, if you haven’t registered for aadhar till date then make it a point to apply for aadhar card. you should also note that not all aadhar card centers have online appointment facility. if your locality is not listed on the online appointment application website, you will have to apply physically at any nearby aadhar card center, without a prior appointment to apply for aadhar card. The initial step to apply for Aadhar card includes keeping all the documents handy. you can also apply for online aadhar card, known as an e-aadhar card. the things that are required to be done over there are-The first thing that is required to be done is to fill the enrollment form, you can also fill the form online too.After filling the form completely you will need to submit the form along with the required documents such as identity proof and address proof.once you are done with the documents and they are approved, you will need to provide biometric data too. the biometric data includes your fingerprint impression and iris scan.your photograph will also be taken for the records.After providing all the details, you will need to collect the acknowledgment slip of your enrollment, the slip contains enrollment details which will assist you to check the status of your application from time to time.

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