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What is Aadhar Virtual Id and why it is important? | aadhar-uidai.in

Aadhar Virtual Id | Apply for aadhar card | Aadhar Virtual Id system will start from 1st march 2018 

Dwelling on hues and cries raised from all parts of India against the so-called infringement of privacy due to disclosure of 12 digit Aadhaar number to the agencies, the UIDAI has introduced an impervious security cover through Aadhaar Virtual ID’. The Aadhar virtual ID system has come into effect from 1st March, 2018 which on being violated by any of the verifying-agencies (authorized to authenticate Aadhaar-card holder’s identity) will slap penalty of disinvestment. With Aadhaar Virtual ID system being enforced in the country the issue of privacy-infringement has been resolved bringing great relief to the citizens.

Aadhaar Virtual ID

What is Aadhaar Virtual ID?

Also known as ‘Virtual ID’ of Aadhar’, the Aadhaar Virtual ID actually is a 16 digit number to be generated on UIDAI’s official website. The Virtual ID of Aadhaar exhibits the name, address and photo of the person, without sharing other crucial information like bank account, number of issued SIM, insurance services, benefits of subsidy (LPG/PDS), etc. As of now the Aadhaar card would have revealed all the details of card-holder with 12 digit number of Aadhaar which in no way could be prevented. But Virtual ID generation service has checked it.

How to Generate Aadhaar Virtual ID (VID)?

Aadhaar Virtual ID can be created by the Aadhaar-bearer itself without involving any authenticating agency/authority. The Virtual ID can be generated as many times as you want for a definite period of time or unless you create another Virtual ID. Once you create a new Virtual ID of Aadhar the previous Aadhaar Virtual ID will automatically get cancelled or become null and void.

Will Aadhaar Number Become Null & Void with Virtual ID?

No. The Aadhaar card’s 12 digit number will serve the purpose as it is. It is up to the card holder to decide whether to reveal it or not. As far as Virtual ID is concerned it is only to protect privacy of card holder. No any agency or authority can force an Aadhaar card holder to reveal his or her 12 digit original Aadhaar number for authentication. The Virtual ID of Aadhaar card is meant to be generated only by the card holder itself on UIDAI’s portal and used without engaging any one (individual/authority).

How Does Virtual ID Authenticate the Identity?

Be it SIM service, bank-account, DL, LPG connection or any other service, the Aadhaar card has as of now been produced as an unquestionable document to prove the identity of the person (Aadhaar card holder) by name, photo and address. But the authenticating agencies such as telecom companies, banks and other authorities get direct access to all the information, apart from name, address and photo, stored with Aadhaar, catching the individual unawares of his being infringed of privacy. UIDAI has taken verifying agencies’ accessing personal details through Aadhaar card’s 12 digit number as violation of privacy and hence has introduced the 16 digit number, known as temporary Virtual ID. The Virtual ID of Aadhaar card instead of exhibiting everything which you would never like to share with anyone else shows only the name, address and photo. And this is how the Virtual ID (VID) of Aadhaar authenticates Aadhaar card holder’s original identity, keeping other information absolutely secure.

How many times Virtual ID (VID) can be generated?

There is no limit to generate VIDs as it can be generated innumerable times as per your desire. As soon as you create a new Virtual ID the previous one gets automatically cancelled.

Can the Virtual Aadhaar ID Be Generated by Verifying Agencies?

No. Only the Aadhaar card holder can create Virtual ID and furnish it to the authority seeking to establish his identity through photo, name and address. So with the Virtual ID generating service being launched in the country from 1st March, 2018 the protection of Aadhaar card holder’s privacy has been guaranteed. Enforced as a mandatory system the Virtual ID will serve the purpose of KYC as well without requiring further postal address verification for bank accounts.

Can Aadhaar Virtual ID Be Generated at Cyber?

Percentage of net-users in India is yet meager so all the Aadhaar card holders can’t generate new Virtual ID. So make sure that you generate Virtual ID of your Aadhaar card in the presence of someone of your family or reliable person. You’ve to visit UIDAI website and follow instructions thereof regarding the Virtual ID of Aadhaar.

How to Authenticate Identity with Virtual ID?

As the Aadhaar keeps the biometric details stored in it you should secure it with the Virtual ID generated online at the UIDAI website.

  • Generate Aadhaar Virtual ID online, visiting the UIDAI’s official website.
  • Furnish the 16 digit Virtual ID you’ve generated to the authority, seeking to authenticate you biometrically. The Virtual ID will copy your biometric information to be exhibited to the verifying agency for biometrically monitoring, keeping other details hidden.
  • Now punch your thumb or just put your finger on the scanner slot to let the agency/authority see your details (Name, address and photo).

If you are facing any problem regarding aadhar card then call at the government toll free number Aadhar status enquiry phone number

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