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Schools to look after student’s Aadhaar number: cannot deny this says UIDAI

UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) has made it sure that it is the responsibility of the schools to provide students with the proper enrolment and update of Aadhaar facilities at school. This is to make sure that no student is denied of their admission and other facilities. UIDAI also mention that any such denials are not valid under the law.

The schools cannot refuse the children for admission without Aadhaar. It is the responsibility of the school to update or enrol Aadhaar of the students. The denial of admissions will be counted as ‘invalid’.

To further add to this update, there have been instances where a few schools have denied the students for admission because of lack of Aadhaar or number and updates. Keeping this in mind, the schools cannot deny any children of their right of admission under the UIDAI.

“No denial of admission in schools for want of Aadhaar and Organising Special Aadhaar Enrolment camps at schools”, circulated the UIDAI to all the schools. It is the schools responsibility to update the details of students who do not have Aadhaar number and their biometrics updated and also assign Aadhaar numbers to the students under Regulation 12A of Aadhaar (Enrolment and Update) Regulations.

“Till Aadhaar number is assigned or biometrics is updated for such students all facilities should be extended through alternate means of identification…,” UIDAI has said.

Dr. Ajay Bhushan Pandey, who is the CEO of UIDAI said that it is the responsibility of the school to arrange with special camps in school premises and coordinate with local bank and post offices with state education department and district admission. This is to provide the facility actively to the students.

UIDAI has made this mandatory rule to avoid the hardships for the parents and children during the admission. The school has to provide with all the benefits and admission to the students. It is important that the state government provides and arranges with education department and the district administration to arrange with an enrolment camp in the schools. The camos must be set up twice a year with school wise roster.

To make it easier, the school organises an enrolment camp. This is where the state helps the school to coordinate camps and help schools coordinate with banks and post offices for the arrangement of the camps in school. Other than this, the school can also take students to the nearby bank or post office for the enrolment process to be done.

It must have also been noted that students are asked for the Aadhaar number for admissions, to take part in scholarship programmes, for board exams, to participate in competitive exams and so on. So now, it is the duty of the schools to help the students with the problem of Aadhaar.

With this, the biometrics should also be updated as it is a required field in Aadhaar. Children attending school and are of from 5 to 15 should have a valid Aadhaar number assigned to them beforehand. Hence it is compulsory for the schools to provide students with Aadhaar updates and number. This is to avoid problems and ruckus later on.

Hence, it is the responsibility of the school to provide students with a proper Aadhaar number. The schools should extend facilities for all the students who do not have an Aadhaar number and must have extended facilities for the same. According to official circular, no school can deny the Aadhaar update to the students. The denial of Aadhaar update is counted as ‘invalid’.

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