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Aadhar card scanner

Aadhar card scannerAadhar card scanner is an android app that lets you read QR code of aadhar card and displays the full information of the cardholder. It is very simple and is very easy to use. You can get Aadhar card details on your mobile device just by one click. No need to carry Aadhar card always. Just scan QR code and save it for later use. you can also share Aadhar detail with anyone you want. Aadhar card scanner is available on the google play store of the smartphones, which you can download for free anytime you want. Aadhar card scanner has a file size of 2.10MB, after download.


Follow the following steps to get access to the aadhar card scanner-

  • Point your camera to QR code that you want to scan, the Aadhar scanner app will detect it automatically.
  • Scan your Aadhar QR code and get all mAadhar details like UID, Name, Gender, Dob, Address, Postal code etc.

Now, you will get your own Aadhar card scanner on your mobile for free.

Aadhar card scanner

Aadhar card scanner Features

Following are the features of the Aadhar card scanner-.

  • Quickly Scan your Aadhar card QR- code and get all your Aadhar details in on your phone.
  • Autodetection of Aadhar card.
  • View/Read your Aadhar card in pdf format.
  • Show your Aadhar card on the smartphone or send to others.
  • Check your Aadhar card application status and Aadhar card correction details.
  • User-friendly interface using material design.
  • Works offline.
  • No user data is stored anywhere.
  • It also shares updates from time to time about the latest information regarding Aadhar and digital India.

The purpose of this app is to make a few step process to either scan Aadhar, check status or download it instantly. This app is only QR code reader. This only decodes QR code information. This app cannot be used to check the validity of Aadhar card.

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